Evil Presence of Sevenhampton Church

According to a report submitted in 2003 this event occurred at Sevenhampton Church.

Many years ago a lady was making her way home by car. It was a beautiful day and she decided to stop and go to the church. From out of nowhere she was hit by a feeling of pure evil and malevolence.


Ghost of Sir Charles Wetherall of Warneford Place

Edmund Warneford of Warneford Place, Sevenhampton was a supporter of the Parliamentarian cause. Taken prisoner during the siege of Cirencester he suffered many hardships in the hands of Royalists and died at home at the early age of forty-three in 1649.

His second son, Edmund born in 1642, inherited the estate on the death of his brother, John, in 1662. At the Restoration he declared himself for the King and shortly afterwards was knighted. He married Bridget Paul, daughter of the Bishop of Oxford in 1681, and appears to have been of a rather more flamboyant character than his ancestors.


Hares of Warneford Place Ghost Story

Quite one of the most delightful legends to be found in the Highworth area concerns Harriett Elizabeth Warneford. Harriett was born in 1803 and apart from ten years spent in London she lived all her life at Warneford Place. As a child she was told all the old legends and folk tales of the country by the tenants, carters and shepherds who worked on the estate.



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