The Post Office Phantom

The postmistress of the South Marston sub-post office and her partner have been visited by more than people just wanting to post a letter! According to a report dated 1997, the couple had moved into their new home a year earlier and almost immmediately the ghost made its presence felt. Footsteps have been heard in the empty upstairs rooms and ghostly carol singing comes from the dining room of the 19th century house.

Other manifestations have been bed clothes in unused bedrooms pulled back, doors opening and closing and dogs barking at nothing in corners of some rooms.

The postmistress said "It seems to happen in the older parts of the house. It's not frightening, just very odd."
It is believed that the ghost could be that of one of the elderley Clarke sisters who died in the building at the turn of the century. Although the ghost seems to be quite active, no-one seems to know why she should want to haunt the house.


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